Duped America: How Democrats And The Mainstream Media Have Duped The American People And Are Harming Our Country
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Duped America: How Democrats And The Mainstream Media Have Duped The American People And Are Harming Our Country

  • Publish Date: 2010-06-29
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Richard Bernstein

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What makes Duped America so different from other political books?

Most political books cover one or two topics. Duped America contains all the information you need about every important issue facing America today.

Author Richard Bernstein, a former lifelong Democrat, organized this masterpiece of 31 easy-to-read chapters, each explaining how the Democrat Party and mainstream media allies repeatedly attempt to dupe Americans. Duped America has almost 1,000 thoroughly researched footnotes, and puts all the facts in one place:

- Next time your friends tell you Bush lied to get us into the Iraq war, you'll be able to tell them about the investigations demanded by Democrats that proved otherwise (chapter 3).

- When they insist Republicans caused the mortgage crisis, and their deregulation caused the financial crisis, you'll be able to prove otherwise (chapters 6 and 7).

- Next time you hear that the Democrats are the party looking out for black Americans, you'll be able to tell them why that isn't true and why Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican (chapter 13).

- Next time you hear Republicans are the party of Wall Street and large corporate money, you'll be able to refute that misconception (chapter 10).

- When your friends tell you Bill Clinton created a great economy, you'll be able to explain how it was the Republican Congress and other factors unrelated to Bill Clinton's policies that helped make the '90s economically prosperous (chapter 11).

- After reading Chapter 22 you'll understand why the green jobs agenda is a sham and will actually cause jobs to be lost.

- You'll learn why wind and solar won't work on a national scale (chapter 16), who has been holding back nuclear power in this country (chapter 17), and why Democrat policies will make energy less available and more expensive (chapter 15).

- Duped America will thoroughly explain to you the science, politics and money behind the global warming scam (chapter 14).

- Duped America exposes Barack Obama's radical past and his radical appointees (chapter 27), the influence of radical Saul Alinsky on him (chapter 29), and how Democrats are attempting to stifle dissent and manipulate the election process (chapter 28).

- After reading chapter 1 you'll understand in detail how the Democrat Party has been dangerous to our national security over the past 40 years. Chapters 25 and 26 will show you how Democrat policies today are making us more vulnerable to our enemies.

- Next time your friends tell you that the special interest groups of the Republican Party are harming our country, you'll be able to explain how unholy alliances between Democrats and their special interests (unions, plaintiffs' lawyers, environmentalists and more) are resulting in bad policies that are harming our country (chapter 21).

- You'll also be armed with the facts to explain why Keynesian economic models using large amounts of government money to stimulate the economy (advocated by Democrats) have never worked and what has worked in the past (chapter 19).

- Duped America will explain in detail the six fatal flaws of the Stimulus Bill of 2009 and how Obamanomics is a roadmap to fiscal ruin (chapters 20 and 18).

- When your friends tell you that ObamaCare will be good for this country, you'll be able to explain with clarity the reasons why it will decimate our health care system and further bankrupt our country (chapter 31).

Bernstein believes that a well informed public is the best antidote to the onslaught of propaganda and has worked hard to warn his fellow Americans.

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